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Born and raised in Puerto Rico until age 11, Mariel grew up playing records on her Fisher Price turntable, sailing paper boats in sidewalk gutters after (and sometimes during) rainstorms and training as a gymnast 20+ hours a week. After moving to Northern California in 5th grade, she devoted most of her energy to making mixtapes and researching UFOs, Bigfoot and the Bermuda Triangle.

In high school, Mariel moved to Washington D.C., where she fell in love with Sassy Magazine and started hanging out in bookstores for fun. She also rode across the U.S. on the back of a Harley-Davidson and lived in a VW bus in Vermont for a few years. Both were very cold — but wildly fun — adventures.

After college, Mariel joined the founding editorial team at The FADER, went West to Seattle to work at Microsoft for a few years, helped establish the voice and tone of e-commerce startup sensation and refined the way iconic American brand Gap speaks to its customers.

These days, Mariel is feeling the winds of change and looking for a new creative challenge...